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Jun. 11th, 2017 11:25 pm
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"I don’t exist in anyone’s heart."

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minnie/character intro/complete » Thread
Princess Minnie helps Naminé.

ino/character intro/complete » Thread
Naminé meets Ino for the first time.

sora/character intro/complete » Thread
Naminé reunites with Sora.

arden/character intro/complete » Thread
Naminé reunites with Arden, aka Riku Replica.

roxas/character intro/complete » Thread
Naminé reunites with Roxas.

usagi/character intro/complete » Thread
Naminé meets Usagi.

steven/character intro/complete » Thread
Naminé meets Steven.

axel/character intro/complete » Thread
Naminé reunites with Axel.

yu/character intro/complete » Thread
Naminé meets Yu.

makoto/character intro/dropped » Thread
Naminé meets Makoto.

kairi/character intro/dropped » Thread
Naminé meets Kairi at last.

jesse/a witch and a cowboy enter a bar/incomplete » Thread
Naminé is caught by Jesse while drawing him in public.

axel/seeking warmth/complete » Thread
Naminé is unsure about her new emotions, and she seeks help from Axel.

sora/love is an open door/complete » Thread
Sora's early reactions to the Elios have him acting strangely...

alice/1st curious thought/complete » Thread
Alice and Naminé play a riddle game! And Naminé loses!

sora/and I can fly/complete » Thread
Sora had gone full love-walker during the event and took Naminé with him to a love nest.

roxas/save point/complete » Thread
Naminé tries to help Roxas before he gets himself hurt.

hawke/june event/dropped » Thread
Hawke saves Naminé from the black pits.

soldier 76/june event/dropped » Thread
Solider 76 saves Naminé from the black pits.

merisia/june event/dropped » Thread
Merisia saves Naminé from the black pits.

steven/june event/complete » Thread
Naminé saves Steven from the black pits, and they manage to escape together.


usagi/ic contact/complete » Thread
Usagi asks Naminé to move in with her.

sora/heal what has been hurt/complete » Thread
Post June event, Naminé and Sora try to discuss what happened.

tinkerbell/and this is for you/dropped » Thread
Naminé has an unexpected visitor at her window.

aqua/exploring port niras/complete » Thread
Naminé meets Aqua for the first time and explains why she knows her already.

akira/plein air/complete » Thread
Akira lurks on Naminé drawing.

lúthien/plein air/dropped » Thread
Naminé meets Lúthien for the first time.

eikichi/plein air/dropped » Thread
Naminé meets Eikichi for the first time.

yu/exploring port niras/dropped » Thread
Naminé runs into Yu while he's fishing.

minnie/in the studio/complete » Thread
Princess Minnie joins Naminé at a sketch jam.

ino/exploring port niras/dropped » Thread
Naminé runs into Ino on the beach.

steven/in the studio/dropped » Thread
Steven and Naminé work on a book together.

fluttershy/in the studio/complete » Thread
Two very shy girls draw together.

azuma/plein air/dropped » Thread
Naminé meets Azuma for the first time.

takumi/exploring port niras/complete » Thread
Naminé meets Takumi for the first time.

axel/real emotion/complete » Thread
Axel is there to guide Naminé through her strange feelings.

dio/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Naminé meets Dio at the Ball.

soldier 76/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Soldier enters Naminé's dreams.

charming/helisium: masquerade/complete » Thread
Charming attempts to "charm" Naminé.

lightning/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Naminé and Lightning chat at the party.

kairi/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
A Nobody and her Somebody have a lovely time at the ball.

jean/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Naminé meets Jean for the first time.

akira/helisium: masquerade/complete » Thread
Naminé sees Akira's true heart in his dream.

roxas/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Naminé and Roxas chat at the ball.

aqua/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Aqua teaches Naminé how to dance.

futaba/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Futaba crashes into Naminé.

usagi/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Naminé enters Usagi's dreams.

jesse/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Naminé wants to dance with Jesse!

sora/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Sora and Naminé can finally relax.

aqua/helisium: fun in the sun/incomplete » Thread
Naminé draws a portrait for the keyblade master.

auron/helisium: fun in the sun/complete » Thread
Auron requests a portrait for his wyvern.

minnie/helisium: fun in the sun/complete » Thread
Minnie helps Naminé catch a goldfish.

hinata/helisium: fun in the sun/incomplete » Thread
Naminé draw a wedding portrait.

ino/helisium: fun in the sun/incomplete » Thread
Ino gushes over Naminé's costume.

squall/helisium: fun in the sun/complete » Thread
Naminé confuses Squall for Leon.

allura/helisium: fun in the sun/dropped » Thread
The princess wants a portrait.

roxas/open adventure/incomplete » Thread
Roxas escorts Naminé on a mission.

usagi/helisium: fun in the sun/incomplete » Thread
Usagi checks in on Naminé during the festival.

Forest Covered

marluxia/the garden/dropped » Thread
Naminé hates the smell of roses....


roxas/and step out into the dark/complete » Thread
Naminé celebrates Roxas's 3 year anniversary.

dio/ic contact/dropped » Thread
Dio & Naminé go to the beach together.

yusuke/character intro/dropped » Thread
Yusuke & Naminé bond over art together.

morgana/you never saw it coming/dropped » Thread
It's time to go to bed!

rise/puppy power/dropped » Thread
Rise & Naminé save a puppy together.

luigi/city life/dropped » Thread
Naminé tries to help Luigi out.

caster/why this/dropped » Thread
Naminé cannot handle Caster...

arden/helisium: masquerade/incomplete » Thread
Arden and Naminé meet at the ball.

akira/crystalnet/dropped » Thread
Akira and Naminé have their art lesson.

arden/sweetie pies bakery menu item options/incomplete » Thread
Arden is seeking menu ideas.

hinata/ic contact/incomplete » Thread
Naminé interviews for a job position.

merisia/library visit/incomplete » Thread
Naminé finds Merisia to thank her.

makoto/on your shoulder i cried/incomplete » Thread
"Lita" is acting strange.

roxas/memories in the rain/incomplete » Thread
Naminé has to help Roxas with his false memories.

hawke/heigh ho!/incomplete » Thread
Hawke needs help with her memories.

usagi/you dream maker, you heartbreaker/incomplete » Thread
Usagi and Naminé scare each other in the forest.

arden/memories in the rain/incomplete » Thread
Arden's memories are messed up.


mercy/musebox/incomplete » Thread
After being injured, Dr. Ziegler tries to help Naminé.


larxene/the vampire meme/dropped » Thread
Naminé is Larxene's sire and they must hunt.


marinette/character intro/incomplete » Thread
Marinette is trapped and needs Naminé's help.

sora/inside the city/incomplete » Thread
Sora and Naminé explore an old temple.

kanji/character intro/incomplete » Thread
Kanji & Naminé meet at the craft fair.

axel/by air/incomplete » Thread
Axel & Naminé talk on the roof.

roxas/busying himself/incomplete » Thread
Naminé's excited for Roxas drawing.

minnie/missing you/incomplete » Thread
Minnie tries to comfort Naminé.

sora/missing you/incomplete » Thread
Sora & Naminé grieve their lost friend.

usagi/missing you/incomplete » Thread
Usagi is always there for Naminé.

by cawaii
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SERIES: Kingdom Hearts
AGE: 15
CURRENT GAME: Empatheias
CANON POINT: The moment she chose to betray DiZ and try to tell Roxas the truth

PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Yes but she'll probably be weird about it. She's not used to such a thing.
ROMANCE: Absolutely! Before anything can become official, though, our characters will need significant CR.
SEX: No way in hell.
PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Please just ask permission first. She can't fight back so I'd like some warning.
TELEPATHY: In Emp this is a standard so it's no problem to me!

MAIN JOURNAL: [personal profile] sekoshi
CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] sekoshi or this journal!
AVAILABILITY: EST. My online times are really random.
BACKTAGGING: Sure! I'd prefer if you'd ask me first though.
THREADJACKING: Please be sure to ask me and whoever I'm threading with to be sure it's okay first!
ACTION VS PROSE: I'll match!
OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS: If you worry it's offensive, just contact me first.

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CR Chart

Jun. 18th, 2017 09:05 pm
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Our Hearts Connected

Princess Minnie
One of the first people to help her. Naminé became slightly overwhelmed by her kindness, but the two became friends quickly. The two have bonded a lot recently, between hunting goldfish and writing beloved letters. Naminé has become very close to the princess.

Probably the most important person from her life before coming to the island. Naminé is working hard to fix the pain she caused him. However, this second chance with him could be the chance for a true friendship. The two care for each other a lot after all.

He was the last person she saw before coming to the island and one of the first people she ran into! She was relieved to see him okay. With his experience, she was able to learn a lot about the island quickly. This could be their chance to become true friends.

Usagi Tsukino
There was an instant click between the two girls. Something about Usagi just made Naminé instantly comfortable. After Naminé told Usagi the truth of her past, Usagi still accepted her.
The two live together now.

Steven Universe
A charming boy that Naminé became fast friends with. She thinks he might be a little too trusting of her,
but she doesn't want to ruin their friendship. Maybe she'll open up more later...

Once known as Riku Replica, Arden is a boy that Naminé hurt long ago. Since arriving however, they have been able to mend their relationship. She cares for him deeply and wants to make things right.

Alice Liddell
An adorable girl who is very good at riddles! She stumped Naminé multiple times while easily solving her riddle. Naminé was very impressed.

Makoto Naegi
A kind hearted boy who is helping Naminé find a job. They're both pretty shy around each other, but they get along well. She's grateful for his help.

A stern man that Naminé drew a portrait of his wyvern for. He really cared for the creature which made Naminé happy.

Jesse McCree
A man who let Naminé sketch him. They warmed up to each other quickly and he promised to look out for her. She really enjoys his company.

Lightning Farron
A stern young woman that Naminé met at a party. She admires her views on the world and her strength. Naminé could even aspire to be like her to be honest.

Merisia Thenel
A young woman who helped save Naminé at one point. Naminé really likes her carbunkle too.

Akira Kurusu
A charming young man she met at the beach. They hit it off, and she promised him art lessons.

A shy girl who came to draw with Naminé. They were both a little awkward, but they were able to talk about their hobbies.

Hajime Hinata
Naminé's boss.
He's a kind young man who helped Naminé start up her art classes. She admires his values and views on life.

Squall Leonhart
A good friend of Sora who she met while drawing portraits. She was surprised at how kind he was to her but of course was grateful. She wants to meet with him some time again.

Dio Eraclea
A boy Naminé danced with at the ball. They later went to make sandcastles together, and she enjoyed herself quite a bit both times.

Gone but not forgotten

Daring Charming
A prince Naminé at the ball. He was kind to her and helped her have fun. He even let her stand on her toes to dance. She really enjoyed herself.

Naminé's original self and her other half. When she first arrived, Naminé worried about a first impresion,
but Kairi greeted her with kindness.

A young man Naminé met at the beach. They chatted for a little awhile about her art, and her plans for on the island. She hopes they'll meet again.

Ino Yamanaka
A stern but kind woman that picked out a cute outfit for her. Naminé might a little intimidated, but she appreciates Ino's honesty. There's a lot more she'd like to learn about her.

The two once had a rough relationship; he was technically one of her captors after all. But they both have changed, especially in this new world. Axel has been helping Naminé her new emotions,
and she's more than grateful for having him here.

A keyblade master who Naminé admires. The young woman accepted what Naminé is, and for that,
Naminé is very grateful. She knows Aqua will look out for her.

CR Key

= Acquaintance | = Friend | = Good Friend | = Best Friend

= Crush | = Partner | = Married

= Estranged | = Enemy


Jun. 11th, 2017 11:52 pm
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How am I doing as Naminé? Thoughts or criticisms? Please let me know!

IC Contact

Jun. 11th, 2017 11:47 pm
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Leave a message!
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Player: Emma
Contact: [plurk.com profile] sekoshi or sekoshi#3974 @Discord
Age: 24
Current Characters: N/A


Character: Naminé
Age: 15
Appearance: Here
Amulet: Here
Canon: Kingdom Hearts (CoM - KH2.5)
Canon Point: The moment she chose to betray DiZ and try to tell Roxas the truth

"I don’t exist in your heart. I don’t exist in anyone’s heart." - Naminé (CoM)

You can read about Naminé here!

"I was alone for so long. I couldn't bear it anymore.” -Naminé (CoM)

Naminé is a soft spoken girl, who likes to spend most of her time drawing. Despite first impressions, she actually hates being alone due to her past experiences. This is due to the fact she had been kept a prisoner most of her existence; during this time she felt so alone and was desperate for company who would care for her.

Her loneliness pushed her to do things she’s not proud of. She believed by manipulating Sora into thinking they were friends, he would stay with her. After first she made excuses that it was because she was a hostage, but she knew deep down she wanted a friend by her side. In the end however, she realized this was not okay and she felt guilty for it.

For this, she had to stand up to her captors which was her first burst of bravery. She even protected Sora from one of her captors, putting herself in physical danger. Even knowing she couldn’t fight back or protect him well, she stood up for what she thought was right and protected the person she hoped to call a friend. It resulted in her getting injured, but she knew she had done the right thing.

Her bravery also came through quietly after being freed. While she worked with the man DiZ who hated her, she did things behind his back to help Sora and other people involved in their project. She knew doing these things could end up getting her killed, but she knew it was important to do so.

The girl had been told since the moment of her existence that she does not have true feelings, and for that reason, she had been taught to suppress them. This came up during her captor, but moreso after she moved on to work with DiZ. He constantly berated her for being a Nobody: a shell of a person who does not have true feelings. Because of this she has a hard time expressing herself. She’ll often choose to stay quiet rather than speak on what’s on her mind in fear of being berated or isolated once more.

However, her feelings will slip through. This is why she stood up for Sora and choose to fix things. Naminé just wants to make things right again, and be able to make true things. She knows it will be a hard road for her because of her past, but she wants to learn more about her feelings and what to do with them.

"I'm a witch with power over Sora's memories and those around him." - Naminé (KH2.5)

While most Nobodies have elemental and fighting abilities, Naminé was not born with such gifts. Instead, she has the power to manipulate memories. She describes it as memories are linked like chains; she can break the links and add her own. The memories aren’t destroyed; just set aside. Her power was only used on Sora as Organization XIII tried to take control of him, but she was able to repair his memory at the lose of him forgetting her. Naminé is able to manipulate or repair memories by drawing pictures.

In addition to this, Naminé can manipulate the appearance of objects. For example, at one point she changed the appearance of Kairi’s lucky charm into a yellow star (that she now uses as her crystal).

Naminé also possesses the ability to create portals through the corridor of darkness. However it’s limited and can be very dangerous. She’d rather avoid using it.

"But there is someplace I want to go, and someone I want to see." - Naminé (KH2.5)

Thras - while Naminé spent what little time she had living in fear, there were moments where she chose to be brave: to stand up to her captors, to save Sora, to help Roxas, to betray DiZ. She hopes to improve her bravery in her newfound freedom.

Other: Naminé’s theme


General Sample:

[It was a beautiful day at the park, and Naminé was determined to capture the scene around her. When she had first discovered the place on her way home, she knew she had to draw it. The girl worked quickly in her sketchbook, trying to pick the best crayon colors. Overall she was pretty pleased with her work. It had been a while since enjoyed what she had drawn.]

[Her original purpose for art had come from her memory manipulations, but now she had sworn it off. She would never use or be used for that again. This world was her new start; she was going to do what she wanted for now one. Reclaiming drawing was the first step.]

[Still, as she looked down at her amulet, she felt slightly haunted. It was almost like a mockery to her, a symbol of how she hurt her friends. The star shaped star seemed to shift colors slightly, and she felt a breeze. Naminé was quick to press down the paper so it wouldn’t fold.]

Calm down…

[She tried to take a deep breath as she picked up her crayons again. But when she opened her eyes, she saw them: roses. The girl hated roses. They reminded her of…]

[A face flashed into her mind, and her grip became so tight on the crayon it snapped. Her amulet turned into a dark color as her fear took over her. The breeze from before became violent suddenly. The sound filled her ears, and she had to cover them. Her sketchbook was exposed, and the wind began to rip out the pages.]


[Naminé got up to her feet, her crayons spilling around her.]

Stop! Please!

[The girl ran after the pages in the wind, trying to catch them. Her new start had been ripped away just like that after thinking of her past.]

[Eventually she had to give up, and she stopped to catch her breath. She had managed to save one of the pages at the very least, but it was a crinkled mess. Naminé fought back the tears in her eyes, looking to the crystal. It seemed to calm down as she did.]

[If she was truly going to have a new start, she was going to have to get control of her feelings…]

Emotion Sample:

[A face flashed into her mind, and her grip became so tight on the crayon it snapped. Her amulet turned into a dark color as her fear took over her. The breeze from before became violent suddenly. The sound filled her ears, and she had to cover them. Her sketchbook was exposed, and the wind began to rip out the pages.]

Questions: None, thank you!


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